Caribbean Government Approved Real Estate Projects: Which one is Best for you?

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When choosing which real estate project to invest in for a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, do your homework and due diligence like you would any other investment. Remember that just because the real estate projects are approved by the government, not all are equal.


The real estate programs are designed to help governments generate necessary foreign investment in their economies. So firstly, make sure you choose a project of an official government website. Second, make sure you qualify. Some countries disallow applicants from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan.


How to Begin Your Research


The credibility of developers is one of the first things to research. With some savvy digging around, you can find the history of the company. Find out what other projects have they done in the past and if the projects were completed on time. Also, look for any bad reviews or a bad reputation. Finally, try to find out if potential roadblocks exist with the development of the project. It would be wise to also look into the success of other projects built by the same developers to assess if your investment will be a success and maintain its value throughout the years.


Exit Strategy


All the projects have an investment timeline of between 3-7 years. Therefore, most applicants develop an exit strategy to implement when the time comes. So, another aspect of real estate investment that will affect your decision should be the resale potential in 3-7 years. Ask yourself, is this project attractive to the masses? Will it hold its value? Also, you will want to choose a project that will complete soon so that you don’t spend months or years anticipating your ROI.


Choosing a Reputable Citizenship Company


Due diligence is key! Through our research, we promote only the projects that will generate profit and have the highest chances to succeed. We also help you develop a solid exit strategy that will protect your investment. When choosing a real estate project to invest in just know that even if a project is approved by the government, not all projects are alike. At Citizenship Bay, our highly trained team members constantly monitor available projects and their status to be able to guide you on which projects are interesting and which ones you should stay clear of.


Choosing a reputable and government-authorized citizenship agency can dictate how your journey to a second passport will be. If you don’t choose the right one, you can have an unpleasant and difficult time achieving your goal. You have to choose a company that can provide you with the best “value for money” investments which offer excellent returns on your investment while qualifying you for a dual citizenship and passport.

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