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Investment Options

Option 1

2 Million Euros: Real Estate

  • €2,000,000: Residential Real Estate

Note: The same property of at least 2 million Euros will be considered as an investment and a permanent residence. i.e. total investment will only be 2 million Euros (excluding VAT)

Option 2

2.5 Million Euros: Cypriot Business

  • €2,000,000: Investment in a Cypriot Business (restrictions apply)
  • €500,000: Permanent Residential Property

Option 3

2.5 Million Euros: Alternative Investment Funds

  • €2,000,000: Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) or financial assets such as bonds, bills, and stocks in regulated Cypriot companies (restrictions apply)
  • €500,000: Permanent Residential Property

Option 4

2.5 Million Euros: Combination of Investments

  • €2,000,000: Combination of any of the above investments (restrictions apply)
  • €500,000: Permanent Residential Property

Note 1: In any of the options above, dependent parents of the main applicant can also be included in the same application if they purchase a permanent residential property for a minimum of € 500,000.

Note 2: Prices above are exclusive of application fees, VAT, and professional fees. Please contact us for an accurate quotation

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Minimum Investment is 100000USD