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Investment Options

To apply for the Individual Investor Program (IIP), an applicant must satisfy all of the following financial criteria:

Contribution Fees (Non-Refundable):

  • Main Applicant – € 650,000
  • Spouse and any child below 18 – € 25,000
  • Any dependent parent above 55, or unmarried adult child between 18-26 – € 50,000

Investment in Financial Instruments (Held for 5 years):

  • Government approved Stocks, Bonds, Debentures – € 150,000

Acquisition of a Residential Real Estate Property (Held for 5 years):

Applicants can choose to buy OR lease a qualifying residential property:

  • Buy a Residential Property – € 350,000
  • Lease a Residential Property – € 16,000 Per Year

Note: Prices above are exclusive of application fees, due diligence fees, and professional fees. Please contact us for an accurate quotation.

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Minimum Investment is 100000USD