Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island country located in the Eastern Caribbean and forms part of the Lesser Antilles. It is a parliamentary democracy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. Today, Saint Lucia is a full member in the Commonwealth of Nation (British Commonwealth), United Nations, and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Due to its strategic location and abundance of natural resources, Saint Lucia was a target for French and British settlers who frequently battled over rule of the island until Saint Lucia finally gained its independence in 1979. Saint Lucian culture is very rich with influences of Carib Indian, African, English, and French heritage. With a population of 178,000, Saint Lucia is the 11th most populous country in the Caribbean, with one third of its population residing in the capital Castries.

Saint Lucia is blessed with natural beauty due to the country’s spectacular setting and breathtaking nature. The result is a robust tourism industry that attracts approximately 350,000 visitors each year. A major reason contributing to the growth of Saint Lucia’s tourism industry is the country’s international airport which is served by regular international flights from the USA, Canada, and Europe.


At A Glance

616 KM2

Capital City

178,000 People

Official Language

Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Key Economic Sectors
Tourism, Agriculture

Government Type
Parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy

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