Living the Caribbean Life: The Beauty of Antigua & Barbuda

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Imagine the possibilities: waking up in a picturesque country in the middle of the Caribbean. Feasting on mouthwatering cuisines, enjoying friendly locals, and investing in a thriving economy. That is what a passport from Antigua & Barbuda will feel like. It is also not a farfetched dream, it is at your fingerprints if you qualify to apply.


In Antigua & Barbuda, there are as many beaches as there are days in the year, 365 white sand coves nestled into the coastline of the two islands. Tourism makes up about 60% of the country’s economy and is the main industry. The economy of this country also benefits from solid financial services and agriculture sectors.


The citizenship by investment program for Antigua and Barbuda allows investors to travel visa-free travel to over 150 countries including the UK, EU Schengen zone, Hong Kong and Switzerland.


The team of skilled and knowledgeable experts at Citizenship Bay are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a transparent and hassle-free journey towards the acquisition of their citizenship and residency. We aim to offer a gateway to freedom to our clients through Government approved investment programs that help them secure their family’s future. With the help of our highly competent and experienced team, you can gain your second citizenship and have your Antigua and Barbuda passport from Dubai in hand through legal and legitimate programs.


Know your options in Antigua and Barbuda:


Option 1

National Development Fund (NDF) – Non-Refundable


  • Single Applicant: a non-refundable contribution of USD 125,000 is required
  • Main Applicant and Spouse: a non-refundable contribution of USD 125,000 is required
  • The applicant with 3 dependents: (Applicant plus spouse and two children): a non-refundable contribution of USD 125,000
  • The applicant with 4 dependents: (Applicant plus spouse and three children): a non-refundable contribution of USD 165,000
  • The applicant with more than 4 dependents: (Applicant plus spouse and more than three children): a non-refundable contribution of USD 165,000 plus USD 15,000 for each additional dependent



Option 2

Purchase of Government-Approved Real Estate


To qualify for citizenship of Antigua & Barbuda under the Real Estate Option of the Citizenship by Investment Program, an applicant must purchase authorized real estate to the minimum value of USD 400,000, which may be resold after 5 years.

Additionally, the applicant must pay the following government fees (Non-Refundable):

  • Family of up to 4 persons: USD 50,000
  • Family of more than 4 persons: USD 50,000 + USD 15,000 for each additional dependent


The most popular option for families has been the donation option. Of course, there are fees and taxes to pay but it remains the most cost-effective Caribbean solution for a full family.


5 Easy Steps


Step 1: Application preparation and pre-approval by Citizenship Bay

Step 2: Submission of the application to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda with 4-6 months for government processing and due diligence

Step 3: Approval Issued: Choose an investment (real estate or NDF)

Step 4: Receive Citizenship certification

Step 5: Apply and receive a passport


Like all other countries, applicants must be of outstanding character, in good health, and with no criminal record. There is no requirement for an interview for the Antigua citizenship program, and in fact, there is no need to travel to the country to complete the application. There is a requirement to reside in Antigua for a minimum period of 5 days during the first five years when the investment must be maintained. Can’t be any simpler.


Note: Prices above are exclusive of application fees, due diligence fees, and professional fees.

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