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The Republic of Cyprus, commonly known as Cyprus, is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Cyprus is a full member state in the European Union and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Cyprus FlagNestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and within close proximity to mainland Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is an ideal destination for travelers. With its breathtaking array of beaches and more than 340 days of sunshine each year, it is no surprise that Cyprus is one of the top tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Cyprus is also a hub for foreign investors, thanks in part to its ideal geographic location, rich culture, high level of political stability, and magnificent vistas, offering a unique blend of mountains and sea. The country’s recent discovery of natural gas resources, have made Cyprus one of the most attractive and promising countries for foreign investors in recent years. Additionally, investors in Cyprus benefit from an extremely favorable tax system – one of the best in Europe – in which investors are not taxed on their worldwide income or capital gains.


At A Glance

9,251 KM2

Capital City

1,180,000 People

Official Language


Key Economic Sectors
Tourism, Financial Services, Natural Gas

Government Type
Unitary bicommunal presidential constitutional republic


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Minimum Investment is 100000USD