Residence Programs

Investment Options

Option 1

Purchase of Real Estate

  1. € 500,000: Invest in real estate of any type and in any area
  2. € 350,000: Purchase and refurbishment of real estate property older than 30 years or a property located in areas of urban regeneration

Note 1: One or multiple properties can be purchased
Note 2: If a € 350,000 property is purchased, the price does not include the cost of refurbishments

Option 2

Capital Investment

  1. € 1,000,000: Flexible investment in Portugal (i.e companies, shares, real estate, etc.)
  2. € 500,000: Venture capital investment (small to medium size companies, shares, etc.)
  3. € 350,000: Investment in research activities
  4. € 250,000: Investment in artistic production or maintenance of the national cultural heritage

Option 3

Job Creation

  • Creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal
  • No minimum investment value

Note 1: Any investment must be held for a minimum of 5 years
Note 2: Prices above are exclusive of application fees, VAT, and professional fees. Please contact us for an accurate quotation

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Minimum Investment is 100000USD