Stories of Global Citizens: Out Interview with our Latest Client

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Throughout the personal and extensive approval process of obtaining dual citizenship, we build a special relationship with our clients. We enjoy more than anything the moment a family is approved and we witness their happiness firsthand. We wanted to share that experience with our potential clients through a quick interview with Ahmad, one of our clients who recently received his passport to St. Kitts & Nevis.


Citizenship Bay: First, what is your name? Where are you from? How children do you have? How long have you been living in Dubai?


Ahmad: Ahmad from Yemen, from Hadhramaut south of Yemen. I have been living in Dubai since 1987. I have five children, four boys, and one girl.


Citizenship Bay: What prompted you to look for a second passport for you and your family?


Ahmad: It was mainly because of the difficulty we faced traveling between countries. As a businessman with work and projects in foreign countries, I need another nationality to travel visa-free. Especially as a Yamani.


Citizenship Bay: Other than visa-free travel, what opportunities has second citizenship unlocked for you and your family?


Ahmad: My family and I now enjoy many opportunities due to our second passport. First, you have the ease to work in any other country. As for my business, it is now easier to trade or invest in other countries since I can easily go there to set up meetings and meet potential clients. Also, securing my children’s future was the main objective. There are more opportunities for better education and healthcare.


Citizenship Bay: Why did you choose St. Kitts and Nevis?


Ahmad: I looked into several programs and finally chose this one because it doesn’t have a residency requirement so that I can stay closer to family and friends while we do get the citizenship. Also, St. Kitts & Nevis has a thriving real estate industry and stable economy so the return on my investment was attractive. Their program has been around since 1984 and they reputable. The country also has a great tourist industry as well.


Citizenship Bay: How did you begin looking for the second passport?

Ahmad: I have been looking for a long time. I started about a year and four months ago. I interviewed more than 7 companies. When we met the team at Citizenship Bay and reviewed the paperwork and process we decided to choose his company.


Citizenship Bay: Why did you choose Citizenship Bay specifically?


Ahmad: There were many reasons. First of all, the transparency and the clarity of the program process. I felt that we had access to a qualified consultant at all times and had their full attention with great communication. I didn’t feel like we were dealing with a salesperson, but a team who had our best interest at heart.


Citizenship Bay: How did Citizenship Bay exceed your expectations? What are some things that were a pleasant surprise?


Ahmad: It was nice to have excellent customer service and someone we can follow up with at any time. The company [Citizenship Bay] works as though they are working for their own family. They truly made me feel like I was part of a family and I was treated like a longtime friend and not a one-time customer.


Citizenship Bay: Would you recommend Citizenship Bay?


Ahmad: Definitely, I would give Citizenship Bay a strong recommendation to my friends and family. As I am certain they will be as impressed as I was from my first meeting with them. And appreciate their transparency and clarity.


Citizenship Bay: Have you tried using the passport?


Ahmad: Yes, I used the passport the same week I received it. I exited and entered the country as if I am walking in and out of a hotel room.


Citizenship Bay: Where did you go?


Ahmad: I went to Prague and the Czech Republic. I loved the Czech Republic. After that, I visited Germany a lot as well.


Citizenship Bay: How did you feel?


Ahmad: It was a very nice feeling, I kept looking at the passport thinking it came from Mars since it was new and gave me an easy entrance to anywhere I wanted.


Citizenship Bay: Were there any problems?


Ahmad: Not at all, I was only asked how many nights I would be staying. They didn’t ask for hotel reservations or airline tickets. I went in and out. These countries are so beautiful and civilized. I plan to travel to many more soon.

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