The Step By Step Guide of Obtaining A Dual Citizenship

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The Step By Step Guide of Obtaining A Dual Citizenship - Citizenshipbay.com

The thought of obtaining a second citizenship crosses everyone’s mind, but when the research is done most people get discouraged and overwhelmed by the details that they don’t follow through. The process seems grueling and it almost feels like it’s not possible. However, those who are serious about the idea do a little extra research and find that when you hire experts to consult you through the process it suddenly seems simple and attainable.


At Citizenship Bay we understand the discouragement and fear that most people experience when they plan on getting a second citizenship. We also know the joy and gratefulness that families get when they hold their newly issued passports in their hands. Those moments are the motivation that keeps us going at Citizenship Bay and encourage us to simplify and perfect the process.


The process is broken down in the following 10 simple steps that usually span around five months. With the exception of Cyprus which takes around 6 months and Malta which can take between 14 to 24 months.


Month 1


Step 1: Prequalification of the primary applicant.

Step 2: Citizenship Bay and the client enter into a service agreement.

Step 3: Advice and assistance are provided to the client in the preparation of documents and government forms.

Step 4: The applicant’s file will be completed at this stage and due diligence fees and government application fees will be due. If the applicant chooses the real estate option, a down payment to reserve the property will be required at this point.

Step 5: Citizenship Bay will submit a complete application to the government of the country on behalf of the applicant.


Month 2 & 3


Step 6: After the government assesses the applicant’s file and due diligence is completed, an “Approved in Principle” will be issued.

Step 7: The applicant is required to make the applicable investment for the selected option.


Month 4 & 5


Step 8: Government issues the naturalization certificate(s).

Step 9: Passport applications are submitted and passports will be issued within one week.

Step 10: Passports and naturalization certificates are delivered to the client. The balance of the fees will be due.


This timeline is based on our experience over the years with past clients. Of course, the timeline can differ from client to client depending on their specific situation.


Now that you have a general idea of what the process looks like when applying for dual citizenship we hope that it relieves some of the fears that have been standing in your way and your new citizenship. The benefits of obtaining a second citizenship certainly outweigh the fear of the process.


Call us today and schedule a consultation to begin your stress-free journey to dual citizenship.

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