How to Protect Yourself from Citizenship Scams

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These days, scams have infiltrated every industry where many people are lured in while they are the most vulnerable. Although it is highly regulated, Citizenship by Investment programs is not an exception. There are an endless amount of companies offering fake economic citizenship programs and falsely promoting a fast and inexpensive route to a second passport. Individuals seeking these passports are usually so focused on obtaining a passport that they may not notice the red flags, making them a very easy target. They may even consider shady avenues to prevent rejection or to speed up the process. The scammers are getting more creative year after year and now they not only citizenship companies but also developers promoting questionable investment schemes as a pathway to citizenship.


If you are thinking of applying for a second passport, below are some warning signs to look for:


If you are promised citizenship without proper assessment of your case, know that the person you are speaking to is not being completely honest because the first step is to have your case pre-assessed by a professional, then start working on your application until it is ready to be submitted to the government, after which your file will get reviewed by the relevant government authority. If you have a perfect application and pass due diligence, an approval for citizenship will be issued. Therefore, no one can offer guarantees for citizenship approval. The best you can do is get guidance from an honest and authorized agency with extensive experience in this field to help you submit a very strong application that will significantly increase your chances for citizenship approval.


You should also see it as a red flag if you are offered a no-risk investment. All investments usually come with risk. Even if you are dealing with a legitimate company, if they are trying to persuade you to apply in such a way it means they are just not very honest and are thinking of their bottom line and not the wellbeing of you and your family.


Be suspicious if you are promised guaranteed high investment returns. If you are told that an investment will provide continuous high rates of return regardless of overall market conditions, it’s obvious that it’s too good to be true. And as the old saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”


Just remember, the golden rule in life is nothing comes cheap, fast, and easy. To avoid any possible scams always look for an authorized, official, and verified citizenship company, like us.


If you are tempted to take a “not-so-legal” route, keep in mind that governments are now auditing suspicious cases and if you are found guilty you can lose your citizenship. Which also means losing everything you invested.


We understand that a second passport can dramatically increase your freedom but it must be done the right way, from the beginning because you only have one chance. If you are rejected once you will not be able to apply again, even to another citizenship program. Choosing the right authorized agent that is familiar with the laws and regulations and works in line with governments is priceless.


Finally, always do your due diligence. Double check everything before making any decisions. Check the government’s official website, and only listen to offers that are in line with the government’s approved investment framework. You have one chance to get this done right so take your time and try to make the right decisions that will lead you to a dual citizenship.

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